Volvo Car USA | Military Offer


Volvo Car USA is proud to announce its support for the men and women serving in the US Armed Forces. Our Marines, Sailors, Guardsmen, Airmen, Soldiers and their families make tremendous sacrifices protecting our freedom. We want to make getting a Volvo less complicated for them so they can ensure their families are protected and safe when driving. We need your support to ensure they have a simple, hassle-free way to purchase or lease a new Volvo. Utilizing Affinity pricing and a Military Affinity Bonus we can ensure a fair and transparent transaction.


The Military Affinity Offer is available to two groups:




USAA members - eligible USAA members in good standing.


These customers should identify themselves as eligible for the USAA offer and provide their Volvo PIN number.




Active duty and Active Reserve US military personnel.


If you have a customer who is currently serving on active duty or active reserves in the Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard or Coast Guard direct them to to acquire a Volvo PIN.



  • A customer may be active duty military and a USAA member.
  • They do not qualify for two incentives.
  • Only one Volvo PIN can be used per vehicle purchase.


    USAA | Us Military - Eligible Customers

    Customer's military/member status USAA/Military
    Affinity Pricing1
    Volvo PINLetterHow to obtain a PINVehicle
    USAA members5% OFF Total MSRP1Yes1"D"USAA websiteOrder Pipeline Retailer StockYes
    US Military
    - Active Duty
    - Active Reserves
    5% OFF Total MSRP1Yes1"V" Pipeline Retailer StockYes

    1USAA/Military Affinity Pricing is negotiation-free and the Affinity Military Bonus is only compatible when the vehicle is purchased or leased using the 5% off MSRP Affinity Price. It is at the Volvo retailer's discretion to sell the vehicle for a lower price, however the Military Affinity Bonus is not applicable if the vehicle sale price is discounted lower than the Affinity Price.


    Guidelines and Eligibility

    Customer Eligibility:

    • Eligible USAA members, customer must be an active registered member of USAA.
    • Customers who identify themselves as eligible will need to provide their Volvo PIN number (ex.D123456).
    • Only one (1) Volvo PIN allowed per vehicle. Limit two (2) Volvo PINs per membership per year for members in the same household.

    Retailer Responsibilities:

    • It is the Retailer's responsibility to ensure customer eligibility by validating the Volvo PIN using "Affinity Tools" on the A-Plan website.
    • The customer's information must match the information attached to the Volvo PIN including:
      • Eligible USAA member name first on vehicle paperwork
      • Eligible USAA member address
    • Failure to validate a Volvo PIN in Affinity Tools and/or failure to upload the proper required supporting documentation WILL result in a chargeback of the USAA Affinity Bonus.
    • Retailers cannot use information or documents provided by a 3rd party broker or buying service as the source of verification and validation. Retailers must verify directly with the customer.
    • All supporting documentation verifying the customer's eligibility must be retained with vehicle paperwork.